PHP Course (40 Day)  8 Weeks

  • Basic HTML, including concepts of table, form and div
  • Java Script for Form Validation
  • Introduction to php, PHP opening and closing Tags syntax, PHP echo & Print
  • PHP Case sensitivity, PHP Statement separation, PHP whitespace insensitivity
  • Use of css and css animation properties
  • PHP variables, PHP String, PHP if – else, PHP Operators, PHP Switch, PHP Arrays, PHP While Loops
  • PHP For Loops, PHP Functions, PHP Forms, PHP $_GET, PHP $_POST
  • PHP Include, PHP File, PHP File Upload, PHP Cookies, PHP Sessions, PHP E-mail, PHP Error handling, PHP Exception, Server side validation
  • Introduction to MY-SQL, PHP MySQL Connect to a Database, SQL Syntax, SQL Create DB, SQL Create Table,SQL Constraints, SQL Not Null, SQL Unique, SQL Primary Key, SQL Foreign Key, SQL Stored Procedure, Overview of XML and JQUERY, Using MYSQL with WAMP server, SQL Administration(Creating Use, Rights, Password etc) for data manipulation with PHP.

Using these concept making some PHP / MY – SQL application like logging in to database, stopping the backbutton property of the browser

Inserting, Fetching, Editing, Deleting and Reportingthe data of the registration page. Basic and essential knowledge of OOPS

Useful PHP Classes and Objects

  1. Date Object
  2. Strings in PHP
  3. Sessions
  4. Cookies