Presentation Skills

Whatever role you have in business or the corporate world today, your success will be directly related to your ability to influence others. Therefore, one of the important attributes for successful people in business today is the ability to present well. You may know your subject extremely well but if you do not present it clearly and logically, your audience will doubt that you do. This course builds on your existing skills as a presenter. Polish your technique so that your presentations help you to meet your professional goals.
Delivering a powerful presentation requires the use many tools, including choosing the correct delivery method, using appropriate technology, creating amazing content, and adopting an impressive style of presentation. Presentation Skills Training Course provides skill development in each stage of the process of preparing and delivering a captivating presentation. This training course is designed to help participants develop mastery over the each skill required for giving influential presentations.

Course Objectives

Having completed this presentation skills course participants will be able to:

  • Build presentations that create maximum impact
  • Use your nerves to enhance your presentation
  • Choose the right visual aids
  • Use your voice to greater effect
  • Recognize and transform problem areas
  • Handle your audience with confidence

Course Content

  • Types of Presentation and their Purpose
  • Preparing your presentation
  • Structure of Successful Presentations
  • Using Visual Aids and Equipment in Presentations
  • Delivering your message
  • Setting up your environment for maximum support
  • Keeping the Audience Engaged
  • Dealing with Tension and Stress
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Behaviours
  • Closings – Just As Important As Openings